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Breast Cancer

Breast cancer occurs, and/or is diagnosed in nearly 50,000 women, and approximately 400 hundred men, each year in the US alone.  It doesn’t care about race, nationality, or income status. While breast cancer declined slightly in 2007 and 2008, due to increased awareness and decreased use of Hormone Replacement Therapy – HRT - (fact from American Cancer Society), this is still very staggering facts and figures.

There are many well-publicized factors relating to breast cancer, such as (for women) increased alcohol intake/alcoholism, heredity factors, early menses, later life pregnancies, and weight gain or obesity after the age of 40. Other contributors are Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT, which dramatically increases the receptor sites for estrogen loving cancers, such as breast cancer), excess stress, and environmental pollutants.  While men may not have all these risks, studies have shown that men who consume high calcium and estrogen bearing foods (such as dairy, meat, etc.), drink alcohol to excess, or take medications that affect hormone balance in the body may be more prone to breast cancer than for environmental pollutant reasons.

While there are many treatments for breast cancer, many of them result in serious magnesium depletion, or extremely low levels called hypomagnesemia. Numerous studies, plus the American Cancer Society, readily admits chemotherapy not only interferes with magnesium absorption, but also causes it to be seriously depleted. Many sources (including the ACS) state that patients need to have their nutrient levels monitored frequently. This includes magnesium, with the patient receiving a magnesium IV if too seriously depleted. All sources  (listed below) recommend a diet, which interestingly enough, that is very high in magnesium bearing foods.

This is where the problem lies. Many cancer patients, especially those with breast cancer, experience digestive problems, loss of appetite, and have difficulty sweating or urinating properly, which can make it very difficult to eat properly.

Using transdermal products, such as magnesium chloride, which bypasses the digestive process may be an excellent way to get that extra magnesium. It is extremely easy to use and readily absorbed through the skin. (Magnesium is a great skin hydrator as well.) Since magnesium is a natural elemental mineral, it usually doesn’t interfere with medications; however it’s always advisable to consult with your doctor if you have concern or questions about using any natural product, even topically.

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