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Magnesium Chloride and Cancer
Magnesium Chloride and Cancer

In 1915 a French physician, Dr. Pierre Delbet, began researching and using Magnesium Chloride to treat open wounds because he found regular antiseptics actually caused the mortification (or death) of wound tissue to increase. Dr. Delbet went on to test magnesium chloride in numerous ways. He was particularly interested in using magnesium chloride transdermally, or on the skin. Delbet found this to be so effective he wrote papers about it, especially for the treatment of cancer, based on his patient’s successful recoveries. In 1943 another well-known doctor, Dr. A. Neveu, also began having patients experience remarkable recoveries by being treated with magnesium chloride.  So began the long career of magnesium (magnesium chloride) being studied, and used, for every  pathology  known to mankind.

Fast-forward almost one hundred years. While medical associations and doctors know the importance of magnesium, unfortunately there is more money to made and had by the use of prescription drugs, medical treatments, and surgeries. The authors and editors of these articles do not imply, nor do we about the books or products offered by us, that one form of supplementation or treatment is better than another. Nor can any of our products be considered a cure-all, as only medical doctors can make that claim.

 Rather this is done for educational purposes, so the reader can make informed choices, or have material for a two-way conversation with your primary care provider or doctor.

We’ve all heard prevention is the best method, and you may just be curious, questioning what can be done to protect yourself, or, if you already have cancer, to enhance your recovery.

With this in mind, we present this series of articles on magnesium, on the next few pages, and it’s relationship to various cancers, which hopefully will be of interest.


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