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Colon and colorectal (meaning the large intestine and large intestine and rectum) cancer can affect anyone. Numerous factors can, and do, produce colon and colorectal cancers, however the biggest factor is diet.

“People who regularly eat whole grains develop cancer less often than those who don’t. A 1998 overview of 40 studies looked at 20 types of cancer linked consumption of whole grains with reduced risk of stomach, colon, mouth, gallbladder, and ovarian cancers”  (Harvard University)*

This is an important piece of information. Whole grains just happen to be high in fiber, and especially high in magnesium. The fact is that a diet high in magnesium (whole grains, green leafy vegetables, adequate intake of fruits, and lower amounts of hormone laden dairy and red meat) is just about not only the best preventative against colon cancer; it’s also the recommended diet if you have colon cancer.

These facts have been demonstrated time and time again in all the studies, research projects and follow up with colon cancer patients. Other studies concluded that people with low magnesium, depleted magnesium – or hypomagnesaemia - (and low fiber) diets generally have more colon related problems, and difficult recoveries.

2008-11-17 News Release:NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - It was reported in the Calcium Polyp Prevention Study, calcium supplementation reduced the risk of colorectal adenoma recurrence only among subjects with a low calcium to magnesium intake ratio.

"These findings, if confirmed, may provide a new avenue for the personalized prevention of colorectal cancer," the study team wrote in an abstract discussed Sunday at the American Association for Cancer Research's Seventh Annual International Conference on Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research in Washington, D.C.

While it’s true many people have polyps (tissue growths out or inside the colon), and polyps are usually (but not always) what become cancerous, which affects colon tissue. So if you have polyps, does that mean you’ll get colon cancer? Not necessarily. Polyps, though, (and our whole body) are very prone to irritation and chemical and nutrient changes, especially from dietary related stress. Dietary stress comes from not having or eating the right kinds of foods and liquids, excess alcohol or drug intake, other digestive imbalances, pollutants, being overly acidic, and lack of proper rest.

Colon and colorectal cancer are considered highly preventable and treatable. While it’s true diet is the most important consideration, medical and natural treatments do help enormously. However, many people wished they knew what to do first, and especially afterwards. And unfortunately, many medical treatments for colon cancers make it difficult to completely recover due to the body’s altered ability to properly digest, absorb, and use nutrients ever again. (In other words, the “cure” may have been effective, but the body still suffered afterwards, had ongoing, lingering health challenges.)

The good news is that many nutrients can be taken in ways that are more digestible and/or useable. This includes liquids, powders, so called soft foods, and transdermal, or applied to the skin. One of the better ways to absorb magnesium is by applying it to the skin, soaking the feet in the Magnesium salt solution or soaking the whole body in the bathtub with ½ cup of magnesium salt. Numerous studies clearly demonstrate anyone with colon or colorectal cancer needs high amounts of magnesium. However, treatment for these cancers may have made it difficult or impossible to eat magnesium rich foods, or take supplements. Transdermal magnesium is easy to use, apply, and virtually impossible to overdose on. Transdermal magnesium (which can be applied anywhere on the body, except eyes and has been shown to be not only an effective pain reliever, but also an excellent way to help replenish magnesium. When you rub on Cell Magnesium gel or spray on the Cell Magnesium oil the body only absorbs the amount it needs.

 *“Transdermal Magnesium Therapy” by Dr. Mark Sircus, Ac., O.M.D. (hon.),
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